1994: Notes from the Dead Letter Office

The world is a silly little place filled with silly little things owned by silly little people.
We go on our ways, a race to an end that we, for the most part, have no control over. Nothing is settled.
Stone is what the planet is made of, not something the things are set in.
People get wrapped up in their silly little things to a point that they miss out
On the shinny little bits that they are mad about in the first place.
Wax and wane the silly little world will go on.
Rain or shine, all this matters to a point; so make soething matter.
Even as i write this, I can’t help but notice how silly all this really is.
The day will still continue, even if we were to disavow time.
People will still die, if we strip death from our vocabulary.
The sun will still shine on our collective faces, if we close our eyes.
We allow adults to not be responsible for their own actions anymore.
I got to adulthood thinking that one day i would have to answer for my actions.
Now all you have to do is sue the guy next to you.
Coffee doesn’t belong in your crotch.
Yes, the thighs are natures cup holders, but come on.
Did the clown force you to put it there?
If he did why do you have a clown in your car.
That is creepy, run.
That is not a clown but a marketing gimmick.
Maybe that’s why people are afraid of clowns.
Maybe they got a bad chicken “mcpart” and they relate it with the clowns.
I dunno, but it sure does sound fishy.
Some fish do make sound. its rather interesting noise.
If sound is a waveform that causes vibration,  vibrations can cause heat.
Can you start a fire with pure sound?
That would be an interesting tone or combination of tones to place at the end of a cd.
Maybe it could get some air time on some radio station and start the worlds greatest fire. humm.
This is getting long, but i’m trapped inside my head right now waiting
for a friend to arrive at my place so we can go outside and grab a bite.
So here i am in my one bedroom apt rolling things around, thinking, typing.
click click the key move up and down and maybe you read all this…
so here it is all blank and wet. and into the blue i go.