Notes from the Dead Letter Office: Apathy of Masturbation and Caffeine.

The fragmented epoch between thoughts at rest
A diminished habit since the onset of compulsion
No more fantastic than the illusion of fear
Personified at regular intervals
Complications jammed tight in the nooks
Made accessible from intrinsic endeavors of thermal dynamics
A great longing of purpose, dislocated dispelled abruptly
Snuffed out indecent
…and what should we do on high?
Fornicate with figment
Possibly doubtful. repeatable transactions
Firm loyalty, a place seen fit
A dusty shelf forgotten
Tell me of this woe, a fraction, I will carry
Opiated warmth that only we can fulfill for ourselves
Addicted to this prison
Wealth of duplicity between death and love
Sweet nothings on the nape of your neck
Transfixed, a stain on the ribbon of time
The shoe will drop, a Cinderella of sorts
To turn off the lights.