Semi-conscious orifice…: Notes from the Dead letter Office

Amend them
Fucking friends
Adore them
Second sexual traits
Mustache ride
Sweet sounds
Rotting teeth
Witness to the suck
Stuck in a rut
Smile haunted by spark
Of intellectual arousal
Ghosts of time
And Innerspace demons
Illusions of grandeur
Mixes with control issues
Battles with reality
In a disposable world
Unwarranted intuitional propositions
Glandular responses
Drunken wisdom
Soothing burning questions
Page of cup answers
Finding things hard to swallow
Just the beginning
All signs point to positive
Waiting in the age
of instant gratification
Not much to admit
The nature of inspiration
that comes to us
Spewing forward
Synchronistic encounters with
significant people
Pregnant with ideas
The unknown crowns my head

(April 8, 2009)