Use of Facilities Contract: Notes from the Dead Letter Office

The room is shallow walled,
untrustworthy and blank
yet filled with all the information
a growing boys needs
He sits in his corner
wearing death like a bath towel
His eyes slur across the screen
drunk with the attention of detail
The son becomes the father
states the dark
a body tenses wire tight
Where is the honor of dieing…

Words etched of the plaque of fear
The distrust mimics security
like modern day candied flip-flops
(Change the channel)

A world moving on, or
are we dragging it, kicking and screaming.
Tolerance is a crime of passion these days.
Natural talents discouraged and untrained,
The day-to-day merry-go-round.
Animals sticky with bodily fluids…
(Please sign here)

Getting sick and want to get off this crazy thing
Watching the sick just ponder
looking the bright side,
squinting at God,
running away and joining the circus.
Hello, is this thing on?
If it knew what you wanted
it knows how to do
it knows how to bleed
it knows…

counting backwards, breathing
take it back and fill it with diamonds
forgive and forget
oh wait, scratch that first bit

Bite down and shake
We are that animal on the inside
locked inside sport cars and power ties
We have trick ourselves into carrot driven

The wonder-wander guild trip
I will be your tour guide
on your left is shame
we call this his orange period
So the epitaph reads
in some, this inspires incredible empathy
others turn their back and have a smoke outside
The fumes in the cold night air linger
maybe too long to seem real
questioning reality

whatever happened to all that?
wrong place, wrong time vibe
why is the truth hushed and told to put on different clothing?
how we make it dance, how we admire its limp of plight.
An audience member coughs “bullshit” into her hands
don’t worry she will be shot once this episode is in the can
mind you by the men in charge,
… good lads

The things that go unsaid…
now living in the basement of the dead letter office.

(June 24, 2010)