Through the looking glass: Human observation and thoughts: Notes from the Dead Letter Office

One more business trip under my belt.
A quick jaunt out to San Diego
I have to say that the new terminal in San Jose has amazing seating.
It looks like something out of a 70s sci-fi movie.
The chairs have enough device charging outlets to power a small city.
The other travelers, I’d say at least 80% are attached to a device at all times.
They hide, or can they not get away for a few minutes.
Will the world as they know end if not on top of things?
Will their life become fiction.
Alone, surrounded with people, their faces all glowing.
Did I mention the free Wi-Fi?
This will run over the usual 140 word count limit.
The digital divide.
It is swallowing whole our ability to communicate in an analog fashion.
We are losing our voice.
I want to know your faults and idiosyncrasies,
The small cracks that make you real.
The world is moving on.

Walking around San Diego with a coworker
we talk and I shoot the world I observe.
I find a lot of things interesting and have somewhat of a compulsion
to try and try to capture these moments.
Bottled time, trying to share the world that I see.
We wonder through the Gas Lamp district from end to end.
An interesting place the later it got.
Roaches and vampires crept up from their sewers and dark nooks.
My boss’ boss and I wind up at a place called the Tipsy Crow
I like crows, so it seemed like a good enough bar to waste some time in
We were greeted with a bad soundtrack and some kids playing shuffle board.
Does anyone else think that Gin tastes like Christmas, or is that just me?
Drinking followed, a cigarette was gobbled up outside
I watched a very dark gentleman in a bright neon orange hoodie
puke into a trashcan while the people around him took no notice
He would look up from the bin, take a drag off of a cigarette, and then continue to vomit silently
I took a few pictures of this man because the sight was amazingly real.
I want back in and told my story over a salty dog.
(fresh grape fruit, vodka, with a salted rim)
It was tasty and strong enough to warrant another.
I tried to recall the shots on my camera but they were replaced with question marks.
I tried not to think about it, but realized that the 16GB SD card was faulty.
Safe to say that I am in the market for a reliable SD card of massive size
hopefully on somewhat of a budget.

At “work” the next day I begun to realize that I liked working for this client, just a bit.
All of the people I met were in love with what they did and
treated me with the respect of my position.
To set the stage more correctly, I have just had to ditch a client
Certain prejudices displayed that should not enter into a business relationship
The one that blew my mind was a statement that broke down to basically
don’t send that blue haired kid…
Oh I’m sorry, I thought that you hired a creative firm.
This current client seemed not to notice, it felt good.
At some point in the day I had convinced my coworkers that men with flipped up collars
are in fact rapists.

We ended up wrapping up early, so we decided to pack things up and head home.
Back in San Diego airport, dealing with Southwest to change out flight was pretty easy
The catch was that we would be on stand-by for an hour,
but we were booked for an 8pm flight.
We weighted the hour and could not be packed into the 6pm flight so it was time for doubles
Slightly lubricated, gate found, camping began,
At one point a female voice came over the intercom paging
“Juan Banana” that’s right “one banana”…
My eyes shot up and I scanned the holding pen we were in…
No reaction from the heard…
I glance over to my partner in crime… I ask him if he just heard the page for one banana?
at that point we both bust out it the most intense laughter that one should ever try in an airport
with out being arrested.
about the same second that I had calmed down the page went off again…
I think I pee’d a little.
The pages for “one” went on for about an hour longer…
I started to worry a bit for poor Mr. Banana
Jokes about sex appeal were made…
The hostage audience around sat with glazed eyes
Around 7:30pm there was a page that almost killed me.
It went something like this…
“There is a Lime green Ford Pinto parked in the loading zone…
it is not being towed or cited… it is just ugly”
I looked around with tears in my eyes followed by
Cackling, wheezing…

The flight home was the same as it ever was…
The collage radio station was playing a bunch of interesting songs on the ride home
Most of which were dirty in the most unusual ways… raunchy-folk?
I hit the sac around midnight replaying the tip in my head.
and on that note it is time for me to end-rant and get some sleep.
Over and out

(July 2, 2010)