Ya Know: Notes from the Dead Letter Office

right now i feel as big as these letters on this page
underdeveloped and decomposing composition of a human being
what is that ringing in my ears
the lights are vibrating
the desire to tear off my skin
looms on the 2 seconds ago
teeth chattering
that familiar tune

i got to shine like you
shine like you

my back is bent wrong and warm with pain
this chair the perversion of comfort
windowless. where is my sky, my earth
trapped tree in a box
I need the sun to grow

a willing partisipant in my own demise
salty fat back pork rind orange juice
the food is killing me
i am deaf drunk
I desire silence
the noise penetrating

the restrooms walled with the stench of ofal
thick oozing the back of my mouth
tasts like i am filtering shit and corn through my teeth
like a whale in the ocean
but i’m just a man in concrete

raise your hand if you wish you were me

the dog is dead.
the dog was demented
walking into walls
brain tumers they think
now with my dad
if you believe in shit like that
you know

Thanks for all this is created
the words friction vibrating ears
drum keeps my company heart beat onward
till tomorrow

(Tuesday, August 08, 2006)