Unicorns and faith… Notes form the Dead Letter Office

Last night I was hanging out with a good friend and spiritual counsel.
Much talk about perspective of life and love.
We conversed about current/past situations,
about being scared, and trying to over come the fears
that cause us to torture people
as we are trying to protect ourselves and out loved ones.
Also, we spoke of creating a foundation to build a life upon
and how a faulty foundation can easily lead
to failed experiences under our belt.
In a nut shell a lot of healing, and some much need growth.

At one point I watched a 37 year old woman test her faith.
She wanted to write a love letter, the best of all time.
She said she was going to text it to someone.
All she needed was a dictionary and a dart.
I told her I could provide a dictionary, but I was out of darts.
Always half prepared, and always willing
I watched her pray and flip through the small book
with an ancient Toys R Us price tag still attached on the back.
As she wrote down her words for God,
I watched her being brave, and silly.
I chimed in maybe this is just an outline to think upon,
not the actual letter in full.
She looked at me and told me, “what for all the words are in here
if they need to be in the letter they will be.”
I couldn’t argue.
About 31 words later she was done.
She read it out loud.
The scary thing is some of it with out nurturing
made poetic sense.
And in the end, she didn’t send it.

(Thursday, April 05, 2007)