With and Without Cords: Notes from the Dead Letter Office

So, you know we are dangerous
for each other right?

We sit here
and open up
with the language
of ourselves
exposing the tender
raw bits.

Here are my insecurities,
here is my doubt,
here is my fear,

Here is the everything
I haven’t had
respect enough
to share, but
it doesn’t mean
that I’m not

All of this
wrapped up tightly
hand delivered
two hundred miles away
on a silver platter
of trust.

We dissect these
little badges
of wax and shame.
Expose them for
unneeded weight
while choking
in the sea of life.

What is left
are diamonds that
were once in the rough
you know diamonds just look
like ordinary
rocks without being

(Tuesday, July 11, 2006)