It fit the time…: Notes from the Dead Letter Office

One single thought
Some of the darker daft punk comes to mind
Daft punk but less poppy
It is all there, minus the glossy candy coated shell
The center of a tootsie pop
Pop, can remain a dirty little secret
Like all those songs sung while vacuuming
Knob twiddlers in their bedroom studios
A union of digital and analog
A universal truth
A sanctuary for time
Without the burden of linear thought
And spell check
Sherpas of a different kind
Apply within
Capturing overlooked moments
Not living with “ifs”
Is math coming from these speakers?
Streams of thought with good friends
A full belly and a good movie
The Juxtaposition of creativity and stability
An artist with a job
Random bits on a borrowed keyboard

(Tuesday, August 12, 2008)