Day the Circus Came to Town: Notes from the Dead Letter Office

Seduce me,
reduce me.
Back to basic elements.
Heart, bone, and
compressed thoughts.
Providing substance,
gravity and friction.
Weights of action,
the designs of freedom.
light forms and

Pure mathematics
Heart attack
Folding space
A holding place
Of this and that
Between nostalgia and nick-knack
Where do you belong in all this equation?
Under close observation
Watching always ticking
Flip flopping
Where, when, why, what…
Then it will be over
Away with all that worry
To rule time and space, predestine
The book of your TiVo’d life
The choice of a million better than HD channels
At that point we drool and fuck like the animals
That we all might be on the inside.

We are all alone

They are listening
Watching unwanted
Before our very eyes
The wicked
Clutching to transparent things

Can you dance?
Do you walk?
Do you talk?
Can you care?
Can you stare?
Upon yourself
Up on a shelf
Covered with dust
And starting to rust
Give it a rest
You are holding your breath

Seduced by the imagination
Something witty
Better than reality

Christmas lights
And cocktails of
Dinette sets and entrails
Misanthropes and in-laws
We are designed by our flaws
The push and pull
Like hands working clay
Molding our experiences
Road signs and truck stops
We are bleeding to death
Trying to like…

Killing hobby
Sinking our teeth
Drinking to health
Out of this box
Beginning new journeys
And all I can ask for is this

Full of misplaced puppies
And hope
Chalked up in time
Can we fail
At not feeling
So scary
And worth it
In question
Otherwise, not even try
Not by chance


(April 4, 2009)