Lines and Spaces: Notes form the Dead Letter Office

Outside on a nice day, breathing fire.
The sky is a refreshing deep blue
Drowning in my thoughts on dry land.
I come up for air and notice
the grass below my feet damp and growing
I have the notion of digging a hole
burring my head
like a cartoon ostrich but
my shadow tell me not too.
I believe it.

My attention turns towards the sky again
There is an antenna on the top of the building where I work.
It is thin and white, it looks like a fold in the sky
The sky sundered
This is my side, that is yours
Like a divorce from myself
When did all this happen
In time and experience
Adding up to this moment
No way of getting around it.
A detour if you will let me.

Do you remember that intoxication smell.
It was on my clothing as I sat there
With the fan over head
Listening to the motor and blades
stirring the air with a mechanical whir
All of this is comforting, but I am still awake
Day dreaming of days here and then
A slide show behind my eyes.
Another migraine.

And maybe I’m getting ahead of myself

(Friday, March 09, 2007)